Laidlaw ’22 Cohort LEAD 1 & 2 Review

Article by Mia Brzakovic (Laidlaw Scholar 2022, Biomedical Engineering) On the 20th and 21st of June, the newly chosen Trinity Laidlaw cohort had a chance to meet each other and enjoy great workshops carefully chosen by the Career Service team. On the first day, we had an opportunity to listen to interesting sessions such asContinue reading “Laidlaw ’22 Cohort LEAD 1 & 2 Review”

Leadership Session – “Communication and Connection in Leadership ” (ft. Cathal Quinn, Head of Voice, The Lir Academy)

Article by Eimear Kearins (Economical and Political Science, 2021 Laidlaw Scholars) When we were told our Leadership 2 workshop was planned to be in person, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. But due to the nature of the past 15 months, I kept waiting for an email breaking the news that it wasContinue reading “Leadership Session – “Communication and Connection in Leadership ” (ft. Cathal Quinn, Head of Voice, The Lir Academy)”

Leadership Session – “Foundations of Leadership and Research” (ft. Provost-elect Linda Doyle)

“My understanding of the value of professional relationships, research, and even my own self-worth has begun to shift and completely rearrange itself. This change is challenging, exciting, and pretty scary since the future is so uncertain and there are new opportunities we don’t even know about yet that will present themselves.”

Leadership Session – Laidlaw Induction 2021

Article by Rucha Benare (Bioengineering, 2021 Scholars) Imagine this. Starry night, little earthen lamps called “diyas” shimmering across a terrace, the warmth of vanilla incense hugging you, and sitting atop a long wooden table is a variety of delicacies catering to every kind of taste bud you could imagine. So is the general setting ofContinue reading “Leadership Session – Laidlaw Induction 2021”