Leadership Reflections: Who Gets a Say?

Article by Ceola Daly (Laidlaw Scholars 2020, TSM English and Drama) This past summer I did an infield application of research that had me working with Dr. Miranda Fay Thomas as a Research Assistant. My time working with Dr. Thomas had two objectives; the first was to assist on their editing of an edition ofContinue reading “Leadership Reflections: Who Gets a Say?”

Research Review: How did the digital LGBTQ+ community use nostalgia and social media to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Article by Kyle Ginsberg (Laidlaw Scholar 2021, TSM English and Sociology) My research project investigated how the LGBTQ+ community on Twitter utilised nostalgia and social media to cope during the initial COVID-19 lockdown. By looking through tweets from March – August 2020, media consumption, social wellness, and lockdown fatigue can all be retrospectively analysed. FourContinue reading “Research Review: How did the digital LGBTQ+ community use nostalgia and social media to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic?”

Leadership Reflections: Development of a Bio-Inspired Soft Toy for Hospitalised Children and a Trinity Robotics Team

Article by Dylan Cuskelly (Physical Sciences, Laidlaw Scholar 2020) For my leadership-in-action project this summer I leveraged my familiarity with the engineering design process and the skills I learned during summer 1 in an infield application of research to develop a version of a bio-inspired soft robotic toy for hospitalised children, previously developed by MollyContinue reading “Leadership Reflections: Development of a Bio-Inspired Soft Toy for Hospitalised Children and a Trinity Robotics Team”

Leadership Reflections (2020 – Shane Coleman-Macken)

Article by Shane Coleman-Macken (2020 Laidlaw Scholars, TSM English Literature and History) When conducting research within an academic setting, I have always found that research within the Arts and Humanities can often come across as conducted within a vacuum. In my disciplines of English Literature and History, my work is concerned with looking into theContinue reading “Leadership Reflections (2020 – Shane Coleman-Macken)”

Leadership Session Review: With Cathal Quinn

Article by Eimear Kearins (Economical and Political Science, 2021 Laidlaw Scholars) When we were told our Leadership 2 workshop was planned to be in person, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. But due to the nature of the past 15 months, I kept waiting for an email breaking the news that it wasContinue reading “Leadership Session Review: With Cathal Quinn”

Laidlaw Foundation Visit – September 2021

Article by Joe Linogao (Engineering with Management, 2021 Laidlaw Scholars) On the 15th September 2021, the Laidlaw community at Trinity College were invited to take part in a presentation and reception as part of a visit to Trinity from the Laidlaw Foundation. It was a day where we finally got to see each  other faceContinue reading “Laidlaw Foundation Visit – September 2021”

Leadership Reflections (2021 – Laoise Murray)

Article by Laoise Murray (Law, 2021 Laidlaw Scholars) To me and many others the Laidlaw Leadership Programme has been a distinctive turning point in our lives. I mean just who in the world gets the chance to spend a whole summer learning about the idea that intrigues them the most? My granny is my educationalContinue reading “Leadership Reflections (2021 – Laoise Murray)”

Leadership Session Review: with Sarah Jones, Dr Tamara O’Connor and provost-elect Professor Linda Doyle

“My understanding of the value of professional relationships, research, and even my own self-worth has begun to shift and completely rearrange itself. This change is challenging, exciting, and pretty scary since the future is so uncertain and there are new opportunities we don’t even know about yet that will present themselves.”

Laidlaw Induction 2021

Article by Rucha Benare (Bioengineering, 2021 Scholars) Imagine this. Starry night, little earthen lamps called “diyas” shimmering across a terrace, the warmth of vanilla incense hugging you, and sitting atop a long wooden table is a variety of delicacies catering to every kind of taste bud you could imagine. So is the general setting ofContinue reading “Laidlaw Induction 2021”