Ceola Daly
Gabrielle Fullam
Mia Sherry

The Laidlaw Programme

The Laidlaw Scholarship is sponsored by Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay and the Irvine Laidlaw Foundation. It funds the Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research Programme in twelve international universities, including Trinity College Dublin. This programme invests in talented and motivated undergraduate students, giving them the knowledge, skills and experience to become active global citizens and future leaders.

This blog is for the Laidlaw Scholars in Trinity to reflect upon their research, their growth in leadership and provide an account of the programme for future Scholars. You can follow us at https://twitter.com/TCDLaidlaw for blog posts, updates from the programme, and information on our events.

To find out more about the Laidlaw Programme at Trinity please visit https://www.tcd.ie/Careers/students/awards/laidlaw.php

Meet the team

Ceola Daly, Laidlaw Scholar 2020-22

Ceola is a TSM English and Drama student in Trinity. Her Laidlaw project looked at gender identity and the fluidity of masculinity in Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’, and she spent her second summer researching the authorship question of Taming of A Shrew.

Gabrielle Fullam, Laidlaw Scholar 2020-22

Gabrielle is a Dublin-based activist and creative. She is a final year Political Science, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology student at Trinity College Dublin. Her Laidlaw research focuses on qualitative critical mixed-race research. She is the current Ethnic Minorities Officer of TCDSU and Chief Organiser of TCD For Migrant Rights. She is also the editor of Icarus Magazine, Ireland’s oldest literary magazine. Her creative work centres on topics such as identity, home, rejection and force. Her work has been performed at the Irish Student Drama Association Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, and various community-based theatre endeavours. She is a trained facilitator and currently works for AMP Global Youth.

Mia Sherry, Laidlaw Scholar 2020-22

Mia is a final year English and Film student. Her work focuses on the importance of place and located-ness in Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki’s work, from the home on screen to the film festival stage. Outside of research, Mia is a film critic, writing for international outlets such as Cineccentric and The Cinemagraph, and is also the editor in chief of the Trinity Film Review, Ireland’s only student-run film publication. Outside of criticism, she has also sat as the representative for Ireland on the 27 Times Cinema Jury for the 77th Venice Film Festival, and was an accredited guest at the Moving Images/Open Boarders symposium at the European Film Festival in Palić, Serbia. When not working, Mia is an avid reader, runner and baker.

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